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Shadows at White Oak

June 2, 2016

Tree work will begin Tuesday June 7th. Please keep your children away from the work areas. Thanks !

May 29, 2016

Well that was quite the storm that blew through here on Thursday, May 19th. The Shadows common area property received some extensive damage in regards to some of our trees located throughout the development. The winds were pretty strong to have done the damage they did to the trees. Not sure how many people saw the trampoline that landed on Shadows Lake Blvd and got hung up into one the trees that line the boulevard. In any even that trampoline was once in someone’s backyard. We ask that everyone be patient the damaged trees will be attended to as soon as we get the arborist report back. There will be a lot of activity once the work starts we ask that you keep children away from the work areas. One of the trees that will be coming down is over 120 feet tall. The other trees are large and have broken limbs hung up inside. We ask that everyone be aware and stay away from the trees that have been marked. The tree work will begin shortly. Thanks !

May 4, 2016

Remember that all exterior improvements must be approved by the HOA board. That includes but not limited to New Fences, Gazebos, Bulkheads , Retaining walls, New Construction of any add on or free standing, Swimming Pools. If you are doing regular maintenance that will be the only exceptions that would not need approval because you are fixing what was there and not redesigning the look or adding.
However, like the old saying goes “it’s always best to ask than to ask for forgiveness”. We have restrictions for a reason please make yourself aware of what they cover. You can always reach out and ask questions. The HOA board members are available to you through this website under Board. Have a great summer !!

April 17,2016

Shadows HOA has negotiated and signed a new contract with GREEN-SEASONS to maintain the Shadows common grounds for the next 3 years. We are looking forward to working with them in keeping Shadows looking it’s best.

April 16, 2016

As a reminder late notices for unpaid dues were just mailed out. If you haven’t paid your 2016 dues, the window is closing for you to pay them without attorney’s fees and lien cancellation fees. The HOA board must protect the HOA in assuring the collection of dues is carried out in accordance with the restrictions. No one may escape the liability of paying dues unless you are not the owner of record for the property in default. See Restrictions section “Default”.

March 5, 2016

The entrance at Shadows Lake has undergone a transformation since the accident occurred back in October 2015. The landscaping has been put in the lighting has been changed to a brighter white light. The old lighting fixture had to be replaced so it was upgraded. The brick columns have been built, the irrigation has been repaired. Now we are waiting for the grand unveiling of the sign by artist Al Lorio who has created a one of a kind etched master piece that will sit between the two columns. It will surely be an upgrade to what was there previously. The HOA hopes that most of you will like the new entrance but in the event you do not we ask that you consider volunteering so you can be involved in the day to day operation of the HOA. I share with you that the volunteers who are on the board today have given of their free time to see that things were done. However, the time will be upon us when others must step forward to let the current members step aside. Please consider nominating yourself to be a board member in the upcoming August election. Thanks !

March 3, 2016

It’s time once again to start rewarding our homeowners who put time and effort into making their yards look so beautiful. Yard Of The Month has started and our first winner awarded was The Scheumacks on Oak Lane. While the grass is not green yet the landscaping beds are tidy and neat and are beautifully planted with flowers. Let’s all get out of the gloomy winter weather and look forward to beautiful spring days where we can plant and show our pride ! HAPPY GARDENING YOU MIGHT BE THE NEXT YARD OF THE MONTH ! Good Luck All…..

Feburary 16, 2016

The Shadows Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Sunday March 13 th @ 2:00 in the park. Come join in the fun meet the Easter Bunny. Prizes will be given out. Refreshments will be served. See you there !

February 15, 2016

The boulevard at the Shadows At White Oak is almost complete. The appearance of the wall was changed because of the mismatched brick we were left with from a prior vehicle accident. This boulevard is the oldest of the three and was in need of some reworking. We inspected the shrubs closely only to find that most of the shrubs were diseased and in poor health due to insects and old age. It was thought that we would overhaul the entire landscaping while we were at it and have it looking as nice as the other boulevards. The HOA has received lots of compliments on the work that has been done. Many thanks to Scarlett Aucoin for her time and effort overseeing this project she did a good job ! Thank you

December 18, 2015

Homeowners who live in the Shadows At White Oak Neighborhood:

Today a notice was delivered that this next phase of road resurfacing will begin this week coming Monday December 21, 2015. The construction Company doing the resurfacing has SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS concerning how and what will be needed to protect vehicles from damage. Please read the attachment. Thanks your HOA at work for you.

Street Rehabpdf

November 18, 2016

As most have already observed we had a truck plow through the entrance on Shadows Lake Blvd. The HOA would like to thank of homeowners who reported the accident to the Sheriffs Department and the HOA Board was also on scene shortly after. The HOA board is working with the insurance company to get a settlement to rebuild and replant. Unfortuantley the insurance company is moving at a very slow pace. We can not clean up the damage until an adjuster has seen the damage. The boulevard marquee was destroyed and some of the mature plants and shrubs. The irrigation was damaged and the lighting along with the brick wall. We are looking at extensive replacement not a repair. The HOA has already received two bids for the damage and they are over 5500.00 just for the irrigation plants and lightning. The Marquee replacement is another 1300.00 and this does not include the brick entrance wall. A company has come out to estimate the replacement of the wall but we do not have that estimate yet. The HOA is working diligently on getting the boulevard back to looking good again. We apologize for the way it looks now but its not within our control at this time. We will update again later. Thanks HOA Board of Directors

Oct 28, 2015

CANCELLED …..Due to bad weather forcast
Come dressed in costume and join the fun and grab a bite to eat before sending the little ones out to Trick or Treat. Hot Dogs, Chips, Cookies and Refreshments. Sponsored by the Shadows Homeowners Association. Organized by Nancy Taylor.
Where: The Neighborhood Park
When: Saturday Oct 31st
Time: 4pm to 5pm

October 7, 2015

Thanks to everyone who sent in ballots and attended the Annual Meeting. We have a newly elected and seated board of directors for the remainder of 2015 and 2016 as well as a newly seated Architectural Committee. It takes the Community as a whole to make Shadows the successful Community that exist today. We will all do our part to continue that success.

September 1, 2015

By now homeowners should have received this Quarter’s newsletter. In the newsletter the ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE is enclosed along with the ballot for the election of board officers. We ask that the election ballot be returned to the HOA in the event you plan on being absesnt for the meeting. The ballot can be scanned and emailed back to or US mailed to SCHA, 17532 Martin Lake Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 or dropped off in person to any board member you choose. If you plan to attend the meeting simply bring the ballot to the meeting when you attend. Thanks in advance for the cooperation !

July 19, 2015

The HOA will hold its Annual Homeowners Meeting in September. The order of business will be to elect a new board of homeowners to serve on the HOA. If you think you would be intresed please email the current board at and let us know of your interest. The positions will all be open for election. The current members will work closely with the new members to assure a smoothe transition. Its your neighborhood come be a part of making it the best it can be.

June 2, 2015

The HOA board has been getting complaints from lake lot owners concerning people in their back yards late at night. Although the lakes are for the enjoyment of all of Shadows residents no one should be behind the homes in the late hours of the night. This is a security concern for lake lot owners and causing the HOA to now look into alternative measures like placing signs that prohibit anyone from being in the backyard of a lake lot owner completely. The common ground around the lakes that is part of a homeowners backyard is for the ‘exclusive use of that homeowner” and is not open to the public to use. This does not mean that exclusive use gives the homoewner the authority to build or alter that portion of common ground adjacent to their property boundary.It only means the homeowner can use it for their exclusive enjoyment in return for maintaining the grass cutting up to the shoreline.