Yard of the Month


November: The Raifords on Martin Lake Dr

October: The Stampley’s on Ferry Lane

September: The Spivey family on Shadow Hill Dr.

August: The Nguyen family on Shady Elm Dr.

July: The Dung Ho family on Shadow Hill Dr.

June: The Accardo’s on Shady Path Court

May: The Howe’s on White Shadows

April: The O’Neal’s  on Shady Elm



April: The Dugas’s on Martin Lake

May: The Baker’s on Oak Lane

June: The Bennett’s on Shady Elm

July: The Spruell’s on Oak Lane

August: Charles and Linda Roppolo on Shady Creek

September: The Stampleys on Ferry Lane

October: David and Amy Ropoll0 on Shady Elm

November: The Broussards on  Shadow Creek



March: The Millers on Oak Lane

April: The Dangs on Shadow Hill

May: The Conaways on Ferry Lane

June: The Holmes on Shady Elm

July: The Cheneverts on Oak Lane

August: The McDaniels on Shadow Hill

September: The Raifords on Martin Lake

October: The Englands on Shadows Lake

November: The Wards on White Lane



March: The Carlsons on Shadow Creek

April: The Khalid-Abasis on Martin Lake

May: The Welborns on Shady Path Court

June: The Passmans on Oak Lane

July: The Roppolos on Shady Elm

August: The Frolovs on Shadow Hill

September: The Jarreaus on Harrells Lane

October: The Ganleys on Shady Elm

November: The Spruells on Shadow Creek


Shadows Community HOA Yard of the Month Criteria

Overall Appearance of yards

  • Grass Height

  • Weeding

  • Flower/Shrub Arrangements

  • Edging

  • Creativity/Originality

  • Beautification


Overall Appearance of House

  • Clean

  • Paint/Siding

  • Tidiness of Property

  • Tasteful Decorations

  • Attractiveness

  • Maintenance


  • One home will be selected as the winner during each month from March-November.

  • The same home can only win one time during a calendar year.

  • Two homes will be selected by the landscape committee person(s). One from each subdivision (Shadows Lake and Shadows White Oak) to be fair.

  • The winner will be chosen out of the two possible nominations for the award. Only one winner is chosen out of the two possible nominations.

  • The winners name will appear in the newsletter, on neighborhood marquees and on the website.


  • All winners must be in good standing with no delinquent HOA dues.

  • Winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate from Louisiana Nursery.

Judging Criteria

  • General upkeep of the yard (well manicured grass, edged, uniformly green and weed free).

  • Bushes and shrubbery are neatly pruned and show good color.

  • Unique landscaping or originality/creativity.

  • Pleasant overall appearance which makes the property an asset to the community.


  • The Landscape Committee Person will advise the HOA Board of the yard of the month selection prior to notifying the homeowner/resident.


Yard of the month is a gratifying experience having your hard work admired by many can be rewarding. It also displays the pride that each homeowner feels by keeping and maintaining a neat and attractive yard. The winner of this contest will receive a 50.00 gift certificate to LOUISIANA NURSERY. The certificates for our Yard of the month are graciously donated.

Thanks Louisiana Nursery !!